4 Little Things That Will Make Your Wedding Video AMAZING

Your wedding day is a once in a life time experience, and a wedding film is one of the best ways to preserve the memories and excitement! If you’re wanting to make your wedding film truely memorable, there are plenty of very expensive ways to do it. Expensive venue, expensive flowers, expensive dress. But there are some inexpensive (and free!) things you can do to make your film really stand out. 

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#1 Write your Own Vows

If you’re not shy about showing your love for each other, writing your own vows is one of the best things you can do for your wedding film! It gives your cinematographer so much editing creativity and freedom with your film. Never underestimate the power vows audio in your film! And if the idea of public speaking isn’t your jam, #2 on this list is also a good way to go.

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#2 Say Your Vows During The Photo Session

Some of you might be shy, so save the vows for during your photo session! This will take all the pressure off of having to say your vows perfectly in front of everyone. It alllows for a more intimate and private moment.

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This might not be a *little* thing, but it’s always AMAZING thing to film. Personally, it’s my favourite event of the whole day! Nothing can beat the grooms reaction to seeing his bride for the first time, and vice versa. It adds another layer of emotion to your wedding film and is creative gold for your cinematographer.

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#4 Do morning prep near a window

The morning light can be very flattering to anyone! It’ll also add a more cinematic look to your film. Be sure to have your make up artist setup near a window and you’ll be golden!