Tips On Selecting The Perfect Dress

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It’s engagement season! And that means you’re probably on the lookout for that perfect dress to walk down the isle in. Finding it can be a little difficult without knowing where to start. We at Visionary Weddings have compiled a list of tips that can help alleviate the pains of finding the perfect dress, and make it a more enjoyable, speedbump-free experience!


#1 Stick to your budget

This can’t be stressed enough! Weddings cost money and you don’t want to spend your whole budget on the dress. Make sure to leave enough space in your dress budget for alterations, veil, shoes, and jewelry!

#1.5 Don’t try on dresses outside of your budget

Just don’t even look at them! That way, you won’t be tempted to go over your budget

#2 start looking early

A good starting point is 9-12 months before the big day. That’ll leave enough time for getting the dress shipped in, any alterations, and finding matching shoes/jewelry. I’ve heard of brides getting their dresses a week before, or even the day before their wedding!

#3 buy a dress that fits now

Even if you want to lose a little bit of weight before the wedding, it’s easier to tighten up a dress than make a dress larger. Buy a dress that fits now, and you’ll be golden!

#4 have an idea of what you want

There are a thousand and one styles of dresses, so be sure to have an idea of the style you want! Also make sure that the bridal store you’re going to has that style of dress. Here’s a short test that you can take to see what style of dress you might be best for you!

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#5 dress style keywords 

Pinterest and Instagram are stellar sources for finding the dress thats right for you. Just bare in mind that your bridal store might not have that exact dress, but they might have something similar!

#6 pick a supportive Bride Tribe

No one likes to have that one person that says “I don’t like it.” to every. Single. Dress. If your bride tribe truly loves you, they will support you and your dress choice, and gently prod you when the dress miiiight be a little too extra.

#7 Forget about sizing

Wedding dress sizing is quite different from your average street clothes. So even though your jeans might be one size, a wedding dress may be different. So dont feel shocked or discouraged if you need an above average size for your dress. It’s most likely a dress thing!


If you’re getting married in 2019, check out Visionary Weddings! We’d love to make your wedding memories last a lifetime.


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